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Issue 76


January 3, 2018,

Welcome to the “December” issue of the Ghazal Page, with twenty select poems crafted by thirteen talented poets.

2018 marks a major policy change for us.  Due to the increasing volume of submissions, especially for the regular issues, we have had to decline a higher proportion of poems than previously.  In order to allow more opportunity for new poets and new poems to be published, we will no longer accept reprints, translations, or simultaneous submissions.  Those published in this issue are the last ones that will appear in the Ghazal Page for the foreseeable future.  All future submissions should include a statement that the poem is the original work of the person submitting it, has not been previously published, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

In addition to regular submissions, there is still (a little) room in the next themed issue–”Alone”–scheduled for January – the deadline will be “whenever I get around to finalizing it”.  Sad or beautiful, in solitude or in a crowd, there’s always a way to be alone.

The theme for Issue #79 (in the Spring) will be Falling.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

Laurel Ann Lowe Bastard’s Ghazal
Ross Donlon The Horses
Sunlight and Shadow
Selina Mahmood Wings
Tracy Fiebiger The Wild Dakini
Timothy Sandefur Apoptosis
Mace Hosseini Ladybug
The Fence
Rizwan Akhtar Ghazal: Fire
Sudha Dixit With the Wind – a Ghazal
Nichael Cramer Ghazal #7 (show so many things)
Ghazal #8 (Birthday Ghazal: blue, crystal)
William Dennis Stones Are Nothing to My Heart
I Could Not Express
The Past Is All in View
Deborah Leipziger The Map of Amber
Tamara K. Walker Petulant Communiques from the Late Kali Yuga
Maaz Bin Bilal Not a Wish Comes to Fruition

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