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Issue 77


February 15, 2018,

Welcome to the “Alone” issue of the Ghazal Page (#77), with 17 magnificent ghazals by 13 awesome poets.

After eighteen issues and a year and a half of dealing with Squarespace, on top of the 1990-grade speed of Hughes Internet, I have arrived at the point where I do not expect to be able to keep up with the Ghazal Page unless it can be removed from Squarespace to a more functional host.  Unfortunately I do not have time to manually move the thousands of pages, nor the expertise to automate the process before the current hosting period expires (at the end of March).  Unless some volunteer appears to help migrate the site, the Ghazal Page may cease publication and in any case the existing archives will not be salvaged.

There will be at least one more issue of the Ghazal Page; any poems which have already been accepted will be published.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

George Franklin In the White Mountains
Phone Call
Adam Reynolds Ghazal of the Impossible Music
Ghazal of the Poet Hai Zi
David Subacchi Lighthouse
Condemned Church
Scott Wiggerman Miles to Go
Jimmy Pappas The Man with No Hat
Gillian Telford Ghazal on Being Alone
Thomas Locicero Alone
Nichael Cramer Ghazal #11 (The forms the “Alone” can take)
Sudha Dixit Lonely
Michele Waering Who Knew?
Judith Skillman Child of Solitude
Ross Keating Slow Shutter Speed
Mary Hanrahan Fourth Planet from the Sun

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Web developer of Ghazal Page. Sometime pseudonymous ghazalkar.