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Issue 78


April 30, 2018,

Issue 78 is finally complete!  For your reading pleasure are 22 enthralling (and long-awaited) ghazals by fifteen patient poets.

Thanks to the help of Larry Kenneth Gates, the Ghazal Page has been successfully migrated away from “Square”space.  Among other things, this means:

No more tedious converting submissions into html or text format – paste them into the body of an email, in the ancient tradition, and they should survive intact. Except for indentations; the Internet hates indentation.  If your work has indentations, or if you want to hedge your bets, please submit in html format.

Bios are now separate from poems – if you send us an updated bio, it will appear for any previously published poems as well (not necessarily right away, but whenever we get to it).

In case you haven’t noticed (by reaching this page) we now have a new domain – “Square”space unlawfully refused to relinquish the domain, so at some time in the future may point to a malware site.

The next (May) issue will be the Falling challenge (submissions remain open until May 11). After that will be the Celebration challenge issue, to commemorate the escape of the Ghazal Page from “Square”space. Whatever and however you imagine, are, have been, or will be celebrating, let us know in ghazal form.

Read, write and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

Sandra Anfang The Half-Round Window
Jeanine Stevens Ghazal for Twilight
Deepti-Mittal An Old Silent Pond
Barbara Carlton What the Hawk Knows
Pamela Gemme The Sun Became a Lion’s Mane
Norma Jenckes Ghazal Heartbreak
Ann Howells Sleeping in My Childhood Bedroom
Record Snow
Perusing the TSA List of Prohibited Items
Nature Stammers
Alison Stone Grass
Night Ghazal
Vineet Kaul Ghazal 9
Zakia Iman Shahbaz Ghazal 5 Alone
Joan Leotta Weekend Solitude
Lacie Semenovich Father
Feet of Snow
Broken Heart
Antonia Clark At Home in the Body
Dee Susong Ghazal: Lightkeepers
Ruth Asch Marriage Ghazal

About larrygates

Web developer of Ghazal Page. Sometime pseudonymous ghazalkar.