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Issue 80


August 15, 2018,

Welcome to the Celebration issue of the Ghazal Page (#80), in honor of our new webmaster and new host. We hope to publish the next issue, #81, in September. Submissions are always open for regular issues.

After that, the next theme challenge (#82) will be “Flight” – something Montgolfier, Mercury, and Moses could all appreciate.

Please note our address has changed to and also that we once again accept submissions in the body of your email. We also have a new email address:

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

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Smeetha Bhoumik Celebration
Music of Trees
Sagar Mal Gupta Have Qualms to Join Celebration
Tracy Fiebiger One More Time
Alison Stone Celebration
David Subacchi Excluded
Rizwan Akhtar Two Lovers Pleading to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
Henna on Hands
Barbara MacKay Unforgotten
Here are a few recommended poetry publications that include ghazals:

“Dazzle” (Jacar Press, 2018) is a collection by Alison Stone. It is divided into four parts: ghazals, free verse, and two sections of an unnamed form invented by Terrance Hayes which has a unique feel. Dazzle covers a wide range of human experience; some of the subject material seems to have come from Ms. Stone’s experiences as a psychotherapist, but her delivery is neither superfluous nor heavy-handed. The ghazals are my favorite (no surprise) but the whole book is good.

“Ujjain” (Writer’s Workshop, 2017) is packed with the stark, vivid imagery of Steffen Horstmann, all in ghazal form, including a second tribute to Begum Akhtar. Horstmann is a consistent master of the ghazal craft. My favorite: “Do Not Look for the Dead”.

“Imaginings” (Independently published, 2016) by Bill Batcher is lighthearted, charming, clever, and sometimes funny. It’s not all ghazals but it’s all a good read.

I haven’t read Shadab Zeest Hashmi’s “Ghazal Cosmopolitan” (Jacar Press, 2017) but it looks interesting.

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