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Craig Brandis

Ghazal for an Oilfield Town

Where are the actors, the dreams, the scripts, the stages of this town?
The desires, the mortal fears, the unread pages of this town?

I cannot see where sorrow dissolves and love enters the room
It seems that love is a subtle set of cages in this town

As methane gas is the lightest fraction when crude oil is cracked
So astronauts watch a cup of night set blazing in this town

I’ll go home the way I came, in a worn out truck I barely own
and try to scrub off the tin can grief and crazy of this town

About Craig Brandis

Craig Brandis lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon and studies poetry at the Attic in Portland with David Biespiel, Ed Skoog. and Matthew Dickman. His work has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Red River Review, Clementine Unbound and elsewhere.