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Charles Halsted


Biking in France



In his twenty-first summer he biked in France

up a road to an alpine village in France.


On a pilgrimage to a lake in the sky,

he met a girl he knew he’d like in France.


They picked myosotis to weave in her hair,

held hands together in starlight in France.


They spoke of French writers, Camus to Voltaire,

compared his country to all that seemed right in France.


Ten days had gone by, he’d little time to spare.

He promised he’d write letters to her in France.


But once back home, immersed in his new career,

he never replied to letters that came from France.



About Charles Halsted

Charles Halsted is a retired academic physician at the University of California Davis. His poems have appeared or will appear in Blood and Bourbon, Blood and Thunder, Clerestory, Contemporary Poetry, Contemporary Haibun Online, Degenerates, The Gambler, The Ghazal Page, Haibun Today, , Hektoin International, Killjoy, Poetry Now, Sisyphus, Snapdragon, Tule Review, Words Apart, and Yolo Crow. He was among the winners in the 2017 Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest of the Great River Shakespeare Festival.