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Kenneth J. Pruitt


2014 Lament


I awake in this borrowed bed and a ghost is heavy at my back It dissolves as I reach

returns for me the next night again thick almost to embodiment ready to gather

The copters chuck bricks of noise to annex the summer through this borrowed open window

A score composed for empire as it gathers more

Later on one cold night in particular I choose to wear a bandana as a mask

I feel empowered and do not tell my mother about this gathering

From this borrowed bed the room’s darkness becomes mine though given to me by two lovers

One stole all the lights The other fills it with gathering dust


About Kenneth J. Pruitt

Kenneth J. Pruitt is a teacher at heart and a diversity and inclusion professional for a living. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, he lives in South St. Louis City with his wife, Ashley. You can find him in the ether at his blog, Mots Justes, or on Twitter at @kennethjpruitt. He loves what you've done with your hair.