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Sanam Aryan




fingers intertwined and knuckles bruised red and blue

we kissed and the sky exploded and oozed red and blue


ordinary alone but we collided and created magic

soft lavender together but when unfused, red and blue


the first drop of rain in a city fearing a drought

you are serendipitous, I am bemused red and blue


a ruby flame of fire and the azure of the ocean wave

without names, they’re viewed by a man confused, red and blue


Munch’s vermillion sky or Van Gogh’s cobalt blue welkin

we are both masterpieces, but are infused red and blue


either heads or tails, both are two sides of the same coin

you and I are one body but are incused red and blue


Antares1 and Rigel2 have different hues, Sanam

lovers born from one star, but perfused red and blue

1 Red star

2 blue-colored star



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