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Issue 84


February 28, 2019,

Welcome to the Family issue of the Ghazal Page (#84), the last themed issue of the Ghazal Page. We hope to publish the next issue, #85, in March. Submissions are currently open for regular issues.

Our email address,, is probably reliable for now but it won’t hurt to copy on any email.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

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Mary Cresswell Explanation
Judith Skillman Your Grandmother
Blude’s Thicker Than Water
Bob Godwin That’s How It’s Always Been
Elizabeth Kurian “Mona” Ghazal
Michele Waering Dad Shrine
Suzanne Niedzielska Fiat Familia
Norma Jenckes Ghazal Went to Visit the Angel
Ghazal Still in the Same Game
Nancy Rullo Marriage Ghazal
Laurie Kolp A Laurel Crown Around My Heart
William Dennis As Cute as You
Mid-Air, At First
Seen as Once
Dying to Adjust
Didi Stayed at Home
Worse at My Age

About Matt Warren

Matt Warren, son of founder Gene Doty, has for better or worse been editor and publisher of the Ghazal Page since 2016. He also hasn't had time to write a ghazal since 2016. You can blame him for the erratic publishing schedule (that apple didn't fall from the tree, as long time contributors know...)