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Issue 85


April 3, 2019

Welcome to Issue #85 of the Ghazal Page, with sixteen ghazals by six poets. We hope to publish the next issue, #86, in May, and at least two more issues after that.

2019 will be the final year of publication for the Ghazal Page. A2 Hosting has proven to be a less than salutary host, although the WordPress tools are relatively usable.

Any work which has already been accepted will still be published. Submissions will remain open until the end of this month.

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

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Anannya Dasgupta On Distances
Dear Heart’s Ghazal
Today’s Task
Owen Neace Lethargy Would Be Easier
Have It Out
Burial Vault
Joshua Davies Patterns in Vapor
Such Music
So Malleable
John L. Stanizzi Self-Portrait as a Snag
Bones as Feathers
Explanation to You 50 Years After Your Death
David W. Landrum Soul’s Ghazal
Nicholas Alexander Hayes As Hard As
Other Landscapes
Better than a Dead Lion

About Matt Warren

Matt Warren, son of founder Gene Doty, has for better or worse been editor and publisher of the Ghazal Page since 2016. He also hasn't had time to write a ghazal since 2016. You can blame him for the erratic publishing schedule (that apple didn't fall from the tree, as long time contributors know...)