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Anannya Dasgupta


On Distances

(with a nod to Robert Haas)


When the universe offers you a hand take it
when chance asks for a wager in love, stake it.

Your happiness is collected in jars of pennies
if that doesn’t sound like enough, go shake it.

If “longing is desire full of endless distances,”
careful it’s a microscope Haas, don’t break it.

To be only as far apart as cells in a body is a
miracle wrought for hearts, you can’t fake it.

Telescopes bring the moon to touch, love’s
distance is Unique, it is what you’ll make it.


Dear Heart’s Ghazal


There is nothing to win nor lose dear heart
at the doorstep of sufis no blues dear heart

A lifetime of wandering in the wilds of love
you have suffered much abuse dear heart

Woken up by the full moon, it wasn’t yet
dawn, even light can confuse dear heart.

All things turn to dust and dust made clay
the potter’s wheel shows reuse dear heart.

There is separation only in the mind if we
admit, time and space are cues dear heart.

Like memories filled with scents of things
in love there’s much to amuse dear heart.

Anannya has stopped fretting about what
will be, so what now to accuse dear heart? 


Today’s Task

My task today is to remind my heart
that there’ll be love to bind my heart

May be not today or tomorrow but
this sorrow will not unwind my heart

Drunk on wine we bought and drank
careless, I forgot to mind my heart

Braving storms and livid fires, a straw
adrift at sea, how will I find my heart?

When I held open the door to you, I
thought being loved defined my heart

Uniquely marked by sorrow’s seal, for
long in couplets I have mined my heart

About Anannya Dasgupta

Anannya Dasgupta loves writing formal poetry and the ghazal in English is one of her favorite forms. She has a book of poems "Between Sure Places" (2015) and has published ghazals and a short introduction to understand and appreciate the ghazal in "The Literateur." She lives by the ocean in Chennai.