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David W. Landrum


Soul’s Ghazal


I only ask:  don’t understand my soul

too quickly or you’ll reprimand my soul.


I am complex, like Whitman. I am vast.

There is a cosmos unplanned in my soul.


Not charted, terra incognito realm,

an unexplored new land lies in my soul.


Survey it carefully. Relax, sip rum,

and draw a map by hand to chart my soul.


Don’t use computers or a GHS.

Use colored pens. Don’t be bland with my soul!


Don’t rush to judgment. Study every square.

It’s splendid, lovely, and it’s grand—my soul.


King David’s harp, Timotheus’ lyre

must form the band to celebrate my soul.


About David Landrum

I teach Literature at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, USA. My poetry has appeared widely in journals around the world. My book, The Impossibility of Epithalamia, is available through Amazon.