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Issue 86


June 28, 2019,

Welcome to Issue #86 of the Ghazal Page (only two months late!).  We will attempt to publish approximately three more issues before we shut down.  Submissions are permanently closed but we will endeavor to publish all ghazals that have been accepted and to consider all ghazals that were submitted before April 30, 2019.

Due to the (lack of) service provided by A2 Hosting, the Ghazal Page may be offline some, most, or all of the time until early 2020.  A2 Hosting has made clear that they are not interested in providing their clients with services that have been paid for. It is possible that future issues of the Ghazal Page will have to be sent as email attachments.  If you are not on our mailing list you might not be able to find them at

Emails should be sent to  Our other email address is served by A2 and there is little chance of receiving any email sent there. Any email sent there earlier this year was probably lost in the A2zone. If you submitted a ghazal before April 1, 2019, you should have heard back from us by now.

The next issue should be in July or August. Until then, here are 25 ghazals by 16 poets, many of them new to the Ghazal Page.  If at first it doesn’t load, try, try, again!

Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff

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Barbara Carlton
Ghazal: Constellation
Elizabeth Kurian “Mona”
[Two Ghazals]
Faiza Anum
Ghazal: Like Rains
Ghazal: My Voice
Norma Jenckes
Ghazal: Stand Outside My Light
Ghazal: Leave Well Enough Alone
Ghazal: Room Enough in the Pews
Michael T. Smith
I Think I Typed a Ghazal Up
Anjum Wasim Dar
No Idea
Nancy Baker Rullo
Passerines ~ A Ghazal
A. J. Wells
That Charmed Night
Letters of Words: Words of Letters
Eve Castle
Minutes to Midnight
Ronny Noor
Ghazal 1
Ghazal 2
Nicholas Williams
Repoeting a Week
Matthew Cook
Ghazal for the photo of the girl from Sindh whom I married
Ross Keating
Rizwan Akhtar
Ghazal: Intent
A Ghazal
Ghazal: Across
Eric Fisher Stone
Moon Myths
Yousuf bin Mohammad
I Do Not Know

About Matt Warren

Matt Warren, son of founder Gene Doty, has for better or worse been editor and publisher of the Ghazal Page since 2016. He also hasn't had time to write a ghazal since 2016. You can blame him for the erratic publishing schedule (that apple didn't fall from the tree, as long time contributors know...)