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Gene Doty

. . . rose”
a traditional ghazal for my wife, Rosalee

Breathing slowly, one nostril at a time, smell a rose,
eyes closed; do not shun the thorns that adorn the rose.

In winter, the bare stems ice over, as you already know,
but have you noticed that, at sunset, the cold stems blush rose?

Easter morning, the darkness grew still before dawn;
beyond a grove of oaks, in fun, a golden kite rose.

The June heat penetrates even the margins of your thoughts.
To revive your mid’s function, anoint gently with oil of rose.

Gino, you have the flower’s name, its fragrance, even a verb.
Now, turn a pun for how our life dances – rosily.

About Gene Doty

Gene Doty published the Ghazal Page from its creation in 1999 until 2014. This is his first and only appearance here. His poetry publications include Christographia, Geometries of Light, Fishing at Easter, Similitudes, Nose to Nose, and Zero: Thirty Ghazals as well as numerous contributions to journals and anthologies.