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Mary Cresswell


Why We Keep Trying


Dark means we’ve never seen the light;
dark means we’ve never been the light.

A binary world is only half right –
shades of grey can redeem the light.

Jupiter’s too big and Mars is too red –
only the moon seems serene at night.

We walk through killing fields looking down
as though we could somehow glean the light.

In valleys of blackness we stumble ahead.
We stalk the hills as we dream the light.

At first we duck and crouch in the shadows:
we find it painful, too keen, the light.

But you can’t fool time and you can’t fake vision:
we’ll win if we don’t blaspheme the light.

About Mary Cresswell

My latest book is Fish Stories: nature poetry – ghazals and glosas – published by Canterbury University Press. Mary Cresswell is a science editor from Los Angeles and has lived in New Zealand for many years. She has published in a variety of print and online journals in the US, NZ, Australia and Canada. Her poems have been printed in various NZ, US and UK journals. Further info about Mary can be read on the Book Council of New Zealand Web site. See Poets & Writers