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Siham Karami




What border on this landscape fools the sky?

A countryside will not refuse the sky.


The heavens spread in glossies on a table—

They told us this is how Prague views the sky.


Find the Little Cloud near giant Pegasus:

Andromeda, in chains, whirlpools the sky.


Were you there in 1968?

The crystal ball, crowds shouting choose a sky!


When our train stops, a frozen clump of night

Darkens all the finest jewels of sky.


The conductor says Your destination’s here.

Bundle your children. Go accuse the sky.


Who can stop the wind from blowing through?

A distant farmhouse. Prayer. The hulls of sky.


Twenty dollars turns the stove and wheels.

Do our petty bribes amuse the sky?


At the station, weeds devouring iron.

An old guard wistfully patrols the sky.


Czechoslovakia, Siham, does not exist.

Don’t you read your charts, the news, the sky?



First published in Measure.

About Siham Karami

Siham Karami’s debut poetry collection, To Love the River, contains quite a few ghazals, some first published in The Ghazal Page. One of her ghazals was selected for publication in the Orison Anthology. Her ghazals have also been published in Measure, Southern Florida Poetry Journal, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, The Centrifugal Eye, Peacock Journal, the Turnip Truck(s), and others. Her love of the form was inspired by Agha Shahid Ali and Roger Sedarat. Visit her at