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Suzanne Niedzielska




We are sorry to go somewhere – a park? a fair? – we do not know
to share what we have come to know.

Apollo’s wheeled chair may not lead the sun you know;
your new moon may fume, stare back, and flare.

Our stars may be so distant the airfare is a complete unknown,
whatever the speed on a jump-drive dare.

Can we tap across a rare dimensional fold we do not know?
Does that count as telecomm software?

How would we fare elasticized in a space-time we don’t know?
Aged less with memories threadbare?

Butterflies from a chrysalis, choking for air we do not know –
creatives, spared a nightmare?

Shall we be driven far from our home to who knows where,
on a journey flirting with despair.

Enough plastic could do it, if not heart-rending warfare we know.
Beware of what we do not know!

Signing off, dear reader, wearing a face with joyful tears 😂
though I wail like a wounded deer.

About Suzanne Niedzielska

Suzanne Niedzielska is a sometime professor of philosophy, retired IT director from public and private sectors, active early musician, and published poet. Her current collection of ghazals resides in The Ghazal Page. She regularly publishes haiku in the New England Letters and other venues. Chapbooks include “peach-hued: a collection of haiku and other short forms” (2014); “Black Tie & Tales” (2007), a formalist collection, including several sport sonnets (on swimming, skiing) with “Wayfaring” (on snowshoeing), published in the Connecticut River Review (2010).