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Thomas Locicero


Ghazal Bombs


The anatomy scatters by righteous bombs
in the same manner as unrighteous bombs.

Virtuous bullets punch into bodies, tear
flesh, break bones, ricochet, implode, like small bombs.

Honor rapes, bride burning, daughter stoning—
God’s wrath for such men will detonate like bombs.

Just machetes wielded in religion’s name
will revisit the murderers like sharp bombs.

Moral rhetoric opposes the Good Book,
and he who lives by bombs shall die by bombs.

“Good” and “god”: the same, etymologically.
Evil men, not good gods, choose to use bombs.

The way Natives with arrows felt facing guns
so men with guns feel when faced with men with bombs.

Wars were once fought by men in close quarters;
now they are won by drones carrying bombs.

When bayonets are fixed, soldiers perish;
innocent children die when soldiers use bombs.

Survivors of wars have died from old age,
yet the fields they fought on still contain live bombs.

A dictator who is a caricature
of his insane father likes to play with bombs.

One who initiates bombings should be feared
but not as much as one who strikes back with bombs.

A noble man left a legacy of peace
with money made from powder used to make bombs.

About Thomas Locicero

Thomas Locicero’s most recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in vox poetica, Bindweed Magazine, Birmingham Arts Journal, Clockwise Cat, Snapdragon, felan, Red Savina Review, Abyss & Apex Magazine, The Avocet, Speculative 66,, Kestrel, The Beatnik Cowboy, Mused—the BellaOnline Literary Review, Loch Raven Review, The Wordsmith Journal Magazine, Heartland: Poems of Love, Resistance, and Solidarity; Sunset Liminal, The Poet’s Haven, and BoomerLitMag, among other journals. He lives in Broken Arrow, OK.