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Tracy Fiebiger


Brad’s Hands


Our hands give what our minds can’t
Presenting perfectly placed fingers

Before light streams consciousness
Stars guide perfectly placed fingers

A nudge in the night makes it all right
Prelude to perfectly placed fingers

Stress washes away deeply waving
Swept by perfectly placed fingers

We are our best when all words rest
Practice of perfectly placed fingers

Teenagers once engaged in a dream
Long before perfectly placed fingers

Open air sanctuary of our renewal
Rings for perfectly placed fingers

Just you and me and the space to be
Loved by imperfectly placed fingers

About Tracy Fiebiger

TRACY FIEBIGER is an art teacher, artist, and poet from Georgia who was first introduced to the ghazal by Gino's oldest son many years ago. Although she usually writes free verse she enjoys the challenge of the ghazal format and sharing its rich tradition with others. Tracy is also glad that The Ghazal Page was continued in honor of Gene's memory.