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On Ghazals
The Fourteen Day Ghazal-e-Zikr poetry Begum Ghazal; notes and translation, Chris Mooney-Singh
Ghazal as a Form of Urdu Poetry in the Asian Subcontinent Niranjan Sarkar
Satisfying the Ghazal Mind, Part I :Shers Tree Riesener
A Short History of the Ghazal
(9 sections)
David Jalajel
Rhyme in Ghazals Joshua Gage
Upon Being Asked to Define A Ghazal klipschutz
What Drew Me to the Ghazal Syed Faizan
Tercet Ghazal
The Tercet Ghazal Format
On Arabic Ghazals & Poetry
The Arabic Qâfiyah & English Rhyme—
The Use of “Microrhyme” for Adapting Arabic Poetic Forms into English
David Jalajel
English Ghazals Based on Arabic Forms David Jalajel
Enjambment in Arabic Poetry—
A Practical Exploration for Poets
David Jalajel
Rules for Writing Arabic Ghazals in English David Jalajel
On Related Arts & Culture
Ghazal as a Form of Music in the Asian Subcontinent Niranjan Sarkar
Gino’s Blogs
From 2011 Gene Doty
From 2004 Gene Doty
From 2003 Gene Doty

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