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Matt mentioned in Issue 77 that he needed help to migrate The Ghazal Page from its prior host to a new one. He asked for a volunteer. One appeared, Larry Gates.

So began the effort to produce this new, third, incarnation of The Ghazal Page online. It is hosted by A2 Hosting and uses the WordPress platform.

The bulk of the effort is to get all the content on to the new platform. First priority, was previously available content, Issues 51 through 77. Next will be the prior content left behind in the original site, which is surprisingly still online. This was done just before expired.

A new platform inclines or allows one to make some changes:

  1. Simplified menu. Reduced from 7 items, with sub-items, to 4:
    • Issues combines ‘current issue’ and ‘archives’. The current issue is available from the home page, and the issues page.
    • The submit page has a link to ‘Format’.
    • Library has a new page with the sub-items of ‘About Ghazals’.
    • About Us has a contact us paragraph.
  2. Added a menu item: Poets. This lists the almost 400 poets that have appeared over the years, with links to a list of all their poems published here in TGP.
  3. Each poet is a ‘user’ in wordpress. The poet’s bio is there, in one place. It is shown on each page by the poet.

On Structuring the Issues

I started working back from Issue 76, as listed on the Archive Page of In each issue, each poet had one or more poems on a single page. I created a table of contents page, with the editorial introduction on the left side, and a list of authors and poems on the right. It seemed cleared and more economical of vertical space.

On Numbering the Issues

I started working back from Issue 76, as listed on the Archive Page of

‘Incarnations’ of The Ghazal Page:

  1. (1999-2014) Founder Gene Doty, with a BlueFish HTML Editor and …?
  2. (2015-2018) Gene’s son Matt Warren, Amanda Warren and Holly Jensen continue the work, on the squarespace platform.
  3. (2018-) New platform, same love of ghazals.

About larrygates

Web developer of Ghazal Page. Sometime pseudonymous ghazalkar.