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Karla Linn Merrifield

Poems published in The Ghazal Page:

Issue Date Published Theme Titles
62 October, 2016 Teen Drama
59 July, 2016 Fauna Self-Portrait at Casa Encantada
58 February, 2016 Thou Shalt Not Postpone
56 June, 2015 Download 43: “Letter from a Very Horny Bitch,” Postmarked 1971
56 June, 2015 Solar Ghazal
56 June, 2015 The Four-Master’s Constellation of Sails (Fore to Aft)
50 Summer, 2013 Fractal Ghazal: Old Evolution
Late-Winter Ghazal from North Fort Myers
Zip It
49 Spring, 2013 Fractal Ghazal: Old Evolution
Ghazal in Eight Easy Steps
Ghazal by Hand

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