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Taylor Graham

Poems published in The Ghazal Page:

Issue Date Published Theme Titles
49 Spring, 2013 Riches
47 End of Year, 2012 Ekphrastic Le Lac d’ Annecy
Gran Pintura
Wheat Field with Crows
44 February, 2012 Music Music Ghazal No. 2
Making It Our Own
38 2011, 2011 Change Listening to the News
Changing Worlds
37 January, 2011 Astronomy Look Up
A Child’s Primer
Ghazal Galactic
34 August, 2010 Book A Man of Books
Ezekiel, The Print-Shop Boy
32 May, 2010 Arabic Ghazal Separations
30 December, 2009 Color Dreaming in Blue
White on White
29d December, 2009 Does This Help Your Karma?
29c November, 2009 Favour For What?
28 August, 2009 Tercet Sheep in Bad Weather
24 November, 2008 Sugar Sweets of Life
22 July, 2008 Moon So Many Years of Moons
11c #3 March, 2006 Almost Every Day Now
Morning Song
10a #4 September, 2005 Oldies but Goodies
Manzanita Ghazal
8c #7 Winter, 2004 Golden Oaks
7d #4 July, 2004 Leonard’s Moon
7b #2 May, 2004 I-5 Ghazal
6d #7 December, 2003 A Ghazal of Gardens
5b #2 May, 2003 Roadside Markers

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