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We are accepting submissions until April 30, 2019. We welcome Persian form, Arabic form, tercet, experimental, and free verse ghazals, and variations thereof, in English language only. (Learn more)


What to submit

  • Send one or more English ghazals at a time in the body of an email.
  • We no longer accept simultaneous submissions. Please do not submit work that is under consideration elsewhere.
  • We accept only original, unpublished work.  We no longer accept previously published work, but we will consider previously unpublished translations.
  • Please proofread your work before sending it to us.

What NOT to submit

  • We do not publish ghazals in any language other than English!
  • We only publish ghazals. This includes all varieties of ghazals, including experimental ones that stretch the bounds of the form, but if a poem has no semblance of shers or radif, we will not publish it.
  • Incidental political content is acceptable, but poetry written for the purpose of political agitation is not.

How to submit

  • Always include a statement that the material is your own original work or translation, has never been published, and is not under consideration elsewhere.
  • Send poems to:
  • Subject line: Submission, [Your name]. If you don’t do this, we may overlook your submission.
  • A brief third-person biography may be included with a submission or sent separately. Please do not include a bio as part of an attachment.

After you submit

  • To withdraw work, email us with details. Subject line: Withdrawn, [Withdrawn poem/s name/s].
  • Feel free to query if you’ve not heard back from us in three months.
  • Rights of unpublished work revert back to the author upon online publication. The Ghazal Page retains the right to archive work online and in future print or online publications (including social media use) and for educational purposes.
  • If you need to send a revision, please resend the entire poem. That way the revision is far more likely to be made when the ghazal is published.
  • If you’ve sent a bio before, it is no longer necessary to resend it with each submission. Just email us a new bio, with or without a submission, whenever it needs updated.


We welcome reviews of ghazal publications and may accept essays on the topic of ghazals.

Report your response times at Duotrope

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Web developer of Ghazal Page. Sometime pseudonymous ghazalkar.